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Last Day on the Road – Part 2

May 19, 2014  –  Monday (continued)

The cold date shake felt good on my increasingly sore throat. We snap a few more pictures before the long uphill Hwy 74 that takes us up over the mountain.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe above picture shows two of the many switch back roads we came up. In the distance, top right of photo, shows where I started the climb. I put the RV in 3rd gear and it climbed the road really good.

It was nice to see the first sign that says how far Aguanga is! Getting really close now.


Aguanga has an elementary school, this tiny general store, a tiny post office just to the right of it and a real estate office to the left. Our mail is delivered to the post office, since they won’t deliver to our house, one mile up a dirt road. We do all our shopping in Temecula, a nice good size town, 18 miles away. Minutes from the post office and our home, is Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. We have a membership to this SKP park, and is where our RV lives. We have never taken either of our RVs home, due to our steep, rocky dirt road.


Once we got back to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, where all my trips start from, I called my son and asked him to come and get us. We left our cars at our home, so he could drive them and keep the batteries up.  While waiting for Rick to pick us up, we gathered just the necessities to take home, like our iPads, chargers, medication, etc.  I usually go back the next day to bring home clothes, dirty laundry, dog related stuff, etc

imageI asked the dogs if they wanted to go home while waiting for Rick. They look pretty happy! Bella only makes this face when she is really happy. Chica loved everything about the trip so she would be just as happy to keep going. She is a great traveler. Unfortunately, Bella hates being in a moving vehicle. She never stops panting until the motor is turned off, then she is really happy! I’ve tried various calming products on Bella, but none of them worked. The only option is to leave her with someone when I travel, but I can’t bear that option. Who would take care of her as good as her momma?

Rick pulled up in my car shortly. It was good to see him and know we were close to being home! Both dogs seem to realize we were close to home when they felt the rough dirt road going up the hill to our house. Daisy, our pitbull/shepherd mix greeted us happily when we good home. I tried to take photos, but they were all so blurry! Once we got into the house, Bella ran and got on my bed, her favorite place in the world.


Chica and Daisy played like this for a long time. Daisy has always played so gently with my small dogs. These two have a very close relationship. Chica was a young puppy and Daisy mothered her from day one. Bella was full grown when we got Daisy as a puppy, and Bella doesn’t really like to play as much as Chica and Daisy.

Thanks for following our 49 day RV trip!




Patty, Bill, and the stroller dogs, Bella and Chica



Part 2 – In AZ and Staying at the Grand Canyon RV Resort

May 17, 2014 – Saturday (continued)



This RV Resort is next to the Grand Canyon train station and hotel. It’s a huge place, and has a fancy restaurant, gift shop. RV guest are allowed to use the hotel pool and jacuzzi. I took pictures of the RV entrance, and office/store/dog kennel building, but forgot to take a picture of our RV on our site. It was a cement pad with full hookups.

We were checked in and hooked up by 2:00 pm. Once we all had a short rest and the dogs were walked, Bill decided to walk with us to Route 66. I got the dog stroller ready along with water for us and the dogs. The hotel has a free shuttle which I called, but they didn’t show up on time, so we decided to walk the few blocks over there.









I’m sure glad the dogs enjoy their dog stroller. It’s so easy to take them places in it. Chica is so interested in anything and everybody. She wants to see it all. She has to meet everyone that walks by and eats up the attention. Bella is more like Bill…she goes along but doesn’t show much interest in things. She loves riding in stroller and shares all the attention they get, but would rather be home napping. :-))
Chica loved smelling the coon skin hats, Bella didn’t care much. Chica even smelled the dream catchers.



I was really hungry, but most of the food places were busy and Bill wasn’t going to eat, so we just went back to the RV, since we were done walking the touristy area. It was hot walking back and we turned the air conditioner on as soon as we got to the RV. I tried to rest, but my tummy was growling for some non RV food. While Bill and the dogs napped, I took off walking for the hotel restaurant. Along the way I stopped at the train depot, gift shop, visited with the horse and buggy horses, before getting to the restaurant.





I didn’t see any prices at the restaurant for the buffet, but I was hungry and didn’t care. I was a little shocked when she said that will be $21. Yikes, that’s how much we paid for our campsite. Guess our RV site wasn’t half price after all with the cost of my dinner. It was a fairly small buffet as they go, but I had a good dinner while listening to a guitar player as the entertainment that night. Had cheesecake and ice cream for desert. I waddled back to the RV wondering why I pay to feel so full and miserable after eating out. I should have had a bowl of cereal at the RV. Oh well, diet starts AGAIN after this trip.

Spent the rest of the night fighting with the free wifi the RV Resort had. I had trouble getting on it and it was slow or stopped when I was on, so I didn’t get to blog that night. We looked at maps tonight deciding which route to take home from here. Maybe one more night on the road before getting home!

Ozarkland, Antique Mall, and Heavy Rain

May 12, 2014 – Monday

Last night, while parked at Walmart, we checked all our weather apps for weather conditions for the next few days on our route back west. I had been looking forward to going to Branson, but the weather wasn’t going to let that happen. Yes I could go, but with high winds, rain and thunder storms, we decided it wouldn’t be much fun in that kind of weather. So, another disappointment for Patty on her Bucket List of things she wanted to see. The weather was suppose to clear up on Thursday, but Bill didn’t want to hang around that long. He wanted to try to beat the weather and get down the road.

We left Walmart at 8:50 am and stopped for gas at 10:30. Love the gas prices on this trip…just $3.28 a gallon. Going to miss these prices when we get back to CA.

At 12:30 we saw a big sign for Ozarkland & Antique Mall, right off the freeway in Cimarron just about break time, so we stopped.






The shop was HUGE and had lots of gifts and souvenirs. There were these really tall dolls for sale, every type of collection you could think of like eagles, cows, chickens, Indian decor, etc was there, along with clothes and fudge. I finally broke down and bought 1/4 lb of sugar free fudge, which is now gone.








The antique “mall” was a cluster of old buildings and sheds full of old stuff. I think Bill enjoyed walking around there. The stroller wouldn’t fit down some of the isles, it was so packed it. Kinda looked like a fire trap. Chica was real interested in some animal fur skins on a table, but mainly they just enjoy going places in their dog stroller!



Bill spotted some guitars, but he said they weren’t very good, and was way over priced at $100 each.

Back on the freeway, we passed the Missouri/Oklahoma state line at 12:50. We pulled into the visitor center for information.


We needed to find a campground soon so I wouldn’t have to drive in the storm. I also wanted electric hookups after three days of boondocking. I checked my SKP membership book and found a campground with full hookups about 30 minutes away in Big Cabin, OK. We called and they said there was room for us. We didn’t stay at the visitor center long, as the sky was getting dark and ready to rain again. Back on the freeway it started getting dark. It was daytime and everyone had their headlights on and rain was pounding us. It got so bad, it looked like we were driving in the fog. I couldn’t wait to get off the road.






Sure was happy to see the 69 turnoff exit to the campground. Had to go thru an Oklahoma toll getting off the freeway. The truck stop just ahead had a huge Indian statue, then we pulled into the campground one mile south of the freeway. This place was very “unique”. It was a big truck repair facility that added RV spots behind their truck business, with a big grass area separating the two places. It sounds ugly, but our view was pretty. We looked out at a big field of grass that has cattle in it, and the truck business was behind our pull thru RV spot, so we really didn’t even see it. Plus, there were only 10 RV sites and free wifi. Not bad for only $21 a night. Bill hooked up our water and electric in the rain, while I took the dogs out to potty.

I spent two or three hours going through all the Route 66 brochures and maps, picking out places to visit in Tulsa and Oklahoma City tomorrow. We can even stay here another night if the weather is still bad. Bill says he still doesn’t feel good and now says he is getting car sick, while we are going straight on the freeway! I think he is just getting homesick and doesn’t want to do the touristy stuff I want to do. He doesn’t want to go to an urgent care or doctor till he gets home. I’ve tried to get him to see one now. I suggest staying another night here so he can sleep and get better, but he wants to keep going. Lot of rain, thunder and lightning tonight.

Military Museum Tour and Cracker Barrel Camping Again

May, 10, 2014 – Saturday

We left Cracker Barrel at 10 am, first stop was gas. Seems like we get gas a lot, but we like to keep the tank topped up when we can. I’ve been keeping track of all the gas fill ups, and plugged those numbers into a gas mileage app on my phone, that calculates miles per gallon for you. We are getting an average of 10 to 11mpg. The best was 13.12 mpg and the worst was 8.85 mpg.

Next we went to Best Buy to buy a new car phone charger. The one we had stopped charging.

At 10:45 driving on I-70 we passed the “Welcome to Illinois” sign.

At 11:30 we saw a billboard advertising a historical town just off the freeway. Sounded like a good potty break stop and a chance to walk around. The town is called Greenup on The Historical National Road, also called US 40. Parked on the street next to a grassy park, which the dogs loved. While there, a lady walking to her car stopped to talk to us after seeing the RV. She was very proud of her little town and started telling us about it. She said there was a really nice military museum we should see. We said ok, so she went back to her car to get the key. Apparently, she is in charge or a volunteer of the place to have the key. We got the dog stroller out then walked down the street passing little shops she would point out.















It was a nice old building with a lot of displays. I took a photo of Bill next to the uniform he wore in the Marines. I saw a Navy uniform that reminded me of my dad in his uniform photos. We stayed about fifteen minutes, signed the guest book and put some money in the donation box. We thanked Margaret for the private tour, then walked down the other side of the street.







We went in a couple of the antique/gift shops, then headed back to the RV and back on the freeway.

We are getting really close to St. Louis, Missouri. I don’t want to get there till tomorrow, so we stopped at 3:30 in Troy, Illinois at another Cracker Barrel. St. Louis is where we will pick up Route 66 towards home. I haven’t been able to pick up any information about St. Louis or even Route 66 on the trip yet. I needed an evening to go online and see what to do tomorrow. Chances are, the big city will freak Bill out and he will want to get out of there fast, so I’m probably planning for nothing. 🙂

Bill still isn’t feeling good. He is slowly getting better, but isn’t there yet. I’m hoping the extra day will make him feel better before we start Route 66.

This Cracker Barrel has RV parking in the back, so cars aren’t coming back here to park in the RV spots. We did have a truck pulling a horse trailer park next to us, while the two cowgirls went in to Cracker Barrel for dinner. One kept kicking his stall while they were gone. I think he wanted out.




I walked Chica around the restaurant a few times, trying to wear her out. She has a lot of energy, and misses being able to run free, without a harness and leash, like she does at home.

Alone at Tishomingo State Park For a Short Time and Poison Ivy?

April 29, 2014 – Tuesday

This morning it’s a bit foggy but soon burns off to a warm day. Monarch butterflies flutter around and birds are chirping loudly. Bella wants to stay in bed but Chica is ready to take a walk. We walked to the other side of the lake, where we camped before the tornado watch. She is full of curiosity, stopping to smell everything. The water/stream noise baffles her and she seems curious but fearful of it.


When we get back to our site, Tilli, our only other neighbor lady is walking her Maltese Tibet. Chica and Tibet have fun play fighting.




Our new friends, Tilli and Glen are leaving today. We exchange emails and hope to see each other again one day. We will be the only campers here now!



The one bad/inconvenient thing about this park is the lack of trash dumpsters. There are none in the campground area, it’s on the way out. We need to empty our trash, but don’t feel like carrying it that far, so we use the dog stroller to carry it. Chica won’t have trouble walking, but Bella’s hips or knees are bothering her I think. I get the dog back pack carrier out that has only been tried on and never actually used. It’s hard to put a dog in it and then get it on my back by myself, so Bill puts Bella in it after I have it on. Now that I see the pictures he took, the straps look too loose and she appears to be leaning out too much. Bill kept saying she looked fine and never tried to get out. That dog loves to be pampered.





The back pack felt a little heavy, so Bella rode in the dog stroller on the way back to the RV.

I take advantage of being so close to the restrooms and take a long hot shower over there, instead of unloading our water bottles and dirty clothes from our shower. It’s handy to store stuff in there, but a pain to unload it each time. Bill said its suppose to rain again today, but we are both wearing shorts and its hot. I decide to take a look at the trailhead that ends near the back of our RV. The path is narrow, and I know the rule about “leaves of three, let it be”. I snap a picture of a plant with three leaves and send a picture of it to my son. He thinks it might be poison ivy from pictures he has seen on the Internet. Without knowing for sure and finding a tick on Chica, I’ve lost my desire to walk the trail.



So much for the sunshine and having the park to ourselves. It started to rain about 4:00 pm. Soon after, a truck and trailer drove past us and took the next available site. We wonder why out of an empty park, he wants to be so close. Then about 5:00 pm a truck and big fifth wheel drives by and actually backs into the site between us and the bathroom! We watch a man do a lot of work required to unhook and level a fifth wheel. Soon we see others by the fifth wheel and they are wearing bike shorts and shirts. The rain stops long enough for them to change clothes, put a tablecloth on a picnic bench and eight people sit outside eating dinner.



New Orleans Day 2 – Final Pictures!

April 23, 2014 –  Wednesday (continued)

Bill’s ankle has been giving him problems again. We pass a foot massage place where the lady and I talk Bill into having a 20 minute foot massage. The dogs and I wait around and visit a few other stores. We make our way back to the RV, rest up, then just Bill and I go back to Bourbon St at 6:30 without the dogs. They stay in the RV this time.


My strawberry booze to go cup

My strawberry booze to go cup

Street band

Street band


Skyline lights we see from our RV resort

Skyline lights we see from our RV resort

Good night New Orleans

Good night New Orleans

So that’s all the photos of our New Orleans trip. We leave here in the morning.  I think Bill enjoyed his first time in New Orleans. I know the dogs and I had a good time.

New Orleans Visit 2nd Day – Part 2

We continue our walk on Decatur St towards the Farmers Market and Flea Market. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Sign in Farmers Market and Flea Market says no bikes, skates, smoking or dogs. The dogs were part of the attraction in there to the tourist. Nobody told us to leave. I think the sign is to prevent dogs walking on a leash, not stroller dogs! 🙂

more photos in next post