Happy Birthday Bella!

May 15, 2014 – Thursday

Happy Birthday Bella!

OK, you can blame this ridiculously cute post on my daughter, Lisa. She has a very handsome Corgi and she takes his birthday picture every year, wearing a child’s party hat sitting next to a doggie cup cake she buys from a pet store. I think she has a birthday candle in it too.

Bella is too small to wear a child’s birthday hat, so I searched thru Walmart’s party supplies and found some very small fancy hair clips, along with a birthday girl ribbon and dog birthday card. The pink beads are left over from her visit to New Orleans. 🙂
After I took the photos, I noticed she had a watery eye. Wish I would have wiped it before taking pictures. Nothing is wrong with her eyes, they just water sometimes.

I don’t go to all this fuss every year. I don’t want you thinking I’m totally dog crazy. I did it for you…my blog readers. Ha ha






Since I didn’t buy her a doggie cupcake, I was forced to eat hers. She only got to look at it.



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