Ozarkland, Antique Mall, and Heavy Rain

May 12, 2014 – Monday

Last night, while parked at Walmart, we checked all our weather apps for weather conditions for the next few days on our route back west. I had been looking forward to going to Branson, but the weather wasn’t going to let that happen. Yes I could go, but with high winds, rain and thunder storms, we decided it wouldn’t be much fun in that kind of weather. So, another disappointment for Patty on her Bucket List of things she wanted to see. The weather was suppose to clear up on Thursday, but Bill didn’t want to hang around that long. He wanted to try to beat the weather and get down the road.

We left Walmart at 8:50 am and stopped for gas at 10:30. Love the gas prices on this trip…just $3.28 a gallon. Going to miss these prices when we get back to CA.

At 12:30 we saw a big sign for Ozarkland & Antique Mall, right off the freeway in Cimarron just about break time, so we stopped.






The shop was HUGE and had lots of gifts and souvenirs. There were these really tall dolls for sale, every type of collection you could think of like eagles, cows, chickens, Indian decor, etc was there, along with clothes and fudge. I finally broke down and bought 1/4 lb of sugar free fudge, which is now gone.








The antique “mall” was a cluster of old buildings and sheds full of old stuff. I think Bill enjoyed walking around there. The stroller wouldn’t fit down some of the isles, it was so packed it. Kinda looked like a fire trap. Chica was real interested in some animal fur skins on a table, but mainly they just enjoy going places in their dog stroller!



Bill spotted some guitars, but he said they weren’t very good, and was way over priced at $100 each.

Back on the freeway, we passed the Missouri/Oklahoma state line at 12:50. We pulled into the visitor center for information.


We needed to find a campground soon so I wouldn’t have to drive in the storm. I also wanted electric hookups after three days of boondocking. I checked my SKP membership book and found a campground with full hookups about 30 minutes away in Big Cabin, OK. We called and they said there was room for us. We didn’t stay at the visitor center long, as the sky was getting dark and ready to rain again. Back on the freeway it started getting dark. It was daytime and everyone had their headlights on and rain was pounding us. It got so bad, it looked like we were driving in the fog. I couldn’t wait to get off the road.






Sure was happy to see the 69 turnoff exit to the campground. Had to go thru an Oklahoma toll getting off the freeway. The truck stop just ahead had a huge Indian statue, then we pulled into the campground one mile south of the freeway. This place was very “unique”. It was a big truck repair facility that added RV spots behind their truck business, with a big grass area separating the two places. It sounds ugly, but our view was pretty. We looked out at a big field of grass that has cattle in it, and the truck business was behind our pull thru RV spot, so we really didn’t even see it. Plus, there were only 10 RV sites and free wifi. Not bad for only $21 a night. Bill hooked up our water and electric in the rain, while I took the dogs out to potty.

I spent two or three hours going through all the Route 66 brochures and maps, picking out places to visit in Tulsa and Oklahoma City tomorrow. We can even stay here another night if the weather is still bad. Bill says he still doesn’t feel good and now says he is getting car sick, while we are going straight on the freeway! I think he is just getting homesick and doesn’t want to do the touristy stuff I want to do. He doesn’t want to go to an urgent care or doctor till he gets home. I’ve tried to get him to see one now. I suggest staying another night here so he can sleep and get better, but he wants to keep going. Lot of rain, thunder and lightning tonight.


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