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New Orleans Visit 2nd Day – Part 2

We continue our walk on Decatur St towards the Farmers Market and Flea Market. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Sign in Farmers Market and Flea Market says no bikes, skates, smoking or dogs. The dogs were part of the attraction in there to the tourist. Nobody told us to leave. I think the sign is to prevent dogs walking on a leash, not stroller dogs! 🙂

more photos in next post


Stroller Dogs Go Shopping and See the Easter Bunny

April 16, 2014 – Wednesday

We’ve been at River Cities RV Park for five days now. Other than going out with Mike and his family on Saturday to dinner, I haven’t left the RV park. I could go with Bill when Mike picks him up, but they are gone too long for me to be away from my fur babies. Chica hasn’t had but one potty accident in the RV so far, and that was because I couldn’t get my shoes and jacket on fast enough once she let me know she had to go out. Bella hasn’t had any accidents, but I take them out often. So today, while Mike was busy with work and family, we decided to drive the RV into Alexandria.

First stop was to the large Alexandria indoor shopping mall. Dressed the dogs in their prettiest harnesses for their big day out shopping.



Put the stroller dogs in their dog stroller and zipped it so they were completely enclosed, and went in the mall.



The dogs get lots of attention in their dog stroller as usual. People passing us either look at the stroller and smile or stop us and want to see the dogs and ask about the stroller. It’s funny when kids in strollers see the dogs in a stroller. Check out the expression on this cute little kid.


The mall had an Easter themed area set up for kids to take a photo with the Easter bunny (like they do for Santa) there wasn’t many people at the mall today and Mr. Easter Bunny looked pretty bored sitting there alone. They wanted $20 for an 8×10, so I just took a cell phone photo that shows the Easter bunny in the background.


I tried on dress shoes but didn’t find any that fit, but got a photo of the stroller in front of the store carrousel.


At Radio Shack we bought a new indoor/outdoor thermometer for the RV to replace the one that stopped working. It has a digital readout for current, min and max temps along with the time. At Bed and Bath we got a small Orgreenic ceramic green non-stick frying pan. I have a larger one for my house that I like.



My son likes remote control planes, so I snapped this photo of some helicopters.


We walked around till we got hungry. The mall didn’t have any frozen yogurt so we left the mall in search of our favorite treat. It’s one of the few “deserts” Bill can eat. We found one with the help of the GPS called Spoons Frozen Yogurt. I didn’t eat breakfast and it was past lunch, so my yogurt was slightly bigger than normal and Bill got his usual size since he can’t eat that much. We were shocked when they rang us up and said that would be $16.24!!! Yikes, normally in CA we get about the same size and the two are between $8 and $9, and that is expensive compared to Golden Spoon or Costco. We love our yogurt but won’t be back here! I forgot to take a photo of the world’s most expensive yogurt. Rats.

Next we took the RV for a oil change at Jiffy Lube. We had called earlier trying to find a place that would do it. They all said no, because we were too tall for their doors to drive the RV in. We thought the doors looked tall enough, so we pulled in. It would be close if it fit, so they had one guy climb up the back ladder so he could watch to make sure the air conditioner didn’t get knocked off the roof, while another guy drove the RV in slowly. We barely made it they said. I didn’t see how close or take a photo because I was in the RV with the dogs. Bill snapped a few pictures after we were in there. They were “jiffy” too. We were done in less than fifteen minutes. It only cost $33.22 with oil.




Last stop was Big Lots for water, snacks and a quick look around. We left the dogs in the RV for that short time.

It was a nice day out with Bill and the dogs. They are so well behaved in the stroller it’s fun taking them places. Once back at the RV Bill played games on his iPad as usual, while the dogs wrestled and played on the bed.


Soon Bill and the dogs were sound asleep from their big outing. 🙂