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Nashville Quickie and National Corvette Museum

May 1, 2014 – Thursday

This morning when I woke up at 6 am, the Jake Owen tour buses were gone. I didn’t even get to take some daytime pictures of the painted or fancy buses. All the vehicles that surrounded the bus, the road crew, were still there, but everyone must have taken off in the two tour buses. Oh well, it wasn’t anyone I ever heard of before. Bill told a few people and they heard of him, so he was famous and spending the night in Walmart with us!

I really wanted to see Nashville, since we had to go right by it. Bill saw it before and wasn’t impressed. I hadn’t seen it, and we disagree often on what is or isn’t interesting to each other. I figured a one hour trolley tour would be nice, so I could see the city without having to drive the RV around there. I was hoping there would be a nice riverside parking place that Bill and the dogs could hang out while I did the trolley ride. We got to downtown Nashville early, before the trolley even started for the day. We drove around trying to find a place to park the RV, and Bill was getting stressed out. He doesn’t like big cities even in a car, not alone an RV, plus I was trying to take pictures at the same time, knowing he didn’t want to visit anything here. I wasn’t ready to give up looking for parking but he was, so I pouted for awhile, as we left Nashville as fast as we got here. No tour for me. 😦

Here are a the only pictures I have of Nashville. Entering Nashville on the freeway, and a couple from Music Row. Pretty sad visit don’t you think?





Soon we were in Kentucky, driving up I-65, destination Columbus, Ohio. I tried to sneak a few more touristy stops in along the way. First was Lost River Cave in Bowling Green. It’s the only underground boat tour in Kentucky. There are a few different caves in this area. I’ve been in a few caves, and I don’t think my knees can handle all the steps or steep trails that caves usually have. This would have been a short walk to the cave entrance to a platoon like boat to see inside the cave. Sounded fun to me. When I called, they said they were closed due to the high water in the caves, from the recent rains. I think I saw Bill smile…one less tourist trap.
Lost River Cave

Next I saw a billboard for the National Corvette Museum off I-65, exit 28. Hey I remember seeing this place in the news earlier this year. A big sink hole swallowed up some of the cars on display. Wonder if they are still open? We can see it from the freeway and there are cars in the parking lot, so we get off the freeway and park. We let the dogs out to potty and Bill decides to wait in the RV while I go in. I grab my camera (cell phone) and take off. My brother in law George loves vets and has one. He will enjoy knowing I stopped.




I get the senior ticket for $8 and I’m surprised there are so many cars in various rooms still on display. The car buffs are stopped long enough to watch multiple videos about the Corvettes, and read numerous articles and information on the walls at each exhibit. I don’t take the time to watch any videos or do any reading. I hurry through the place taking photo after photo. They have a really nice layout and displays for the cars. A good photographer with time, could take some awesome photos here! Sorry I don’t have any names and years of the corvettes I took pictures of, unless you can see the signs in some of the pictures. 😦
The first pictures are taken just inside the lobby. They recently had some raffles and the winners cars were on display.

























I’m going to continue this post, since there are so many pictures. For people not interested in Corvettes, make sure you at least see the pictures of the cars they pulled out of the sinkhole which was under the bis yellow Sky Dome. The primo cars were in there.
TO BE CONTINUED in next post.