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Bikes – Ride of Their Lives – Part 2

May 15, 2014 – Thursday

Here are the rest of the bike photos from today.














That’s all the pictures I took. Sure was fun watching them all leave as many of them waved to us bystanders.


Happy Birthday Bella!

May 15, 2014 – Thursday

Happy Birthday Bella!

OK, you can blame this ridiculously cute post on my daughter, Lisa. She has a very handsome Corgi and she takes his birthday picture every year, wearing a child’s party hat sitting next to a doggie cup cake she buys from a pet store. I think she has a birthday candle in it too.

Bella is too small to wear a child’s birthday hat, so I searched thru Walmart’s party supplies and found some very small fancy hair clips, along with a birthday girl ribbon and dog birthday card. The pink beads are left over from her visit to New Orleans. 🙂
After I took the photos, I noticed she had a watery eye. Wish I would have wiped it before taking pictures. Nothing is wrong with her eyes, they just water sometimes.

I don’t go to all this fuss every year. I don’t want you thinking I’m totally dog crazy. I did it for you…my blog readers. Ha ha






Since I didn’t buy her a doggie cupcake, I was forced to eat hers. She only got to look at it.


Tornado Watch and Taking Cover In The Park Restroom With New Friends

April 28, 2014 – Monday

It rained off and on all day, with more thunder and lightning. Every so often it lets up and we take the dogs out to potty. The rest of the day is spent inside.

A ranger drives up and tells us the tornado watch is getting very close to us, and will be here in about an hour. He tries to assure us that the chances of it hitting us are slim. He also says we might want to take cover in the cement walled restroom on the other side of the lake. The one on our side is closed due to structure damage. After he leaves, we started getting an “emergency bag” together with stuff like our wallets, passports, cell phones, iPads, chargers, medication, dog crates, flashlights, etc. then we decide to unhook the electrical and water, just in case we need to move in a hurry. Then we decide we are too vulnerable all the way on this side of the lake, and decide to drive over to the cement walled restrooms, just in case. We park alongside of the road and see the only other couple in the park besides us, is already over there. In the rain, we take the dogs in their crates, and our emergency bag to the women’s restroom. Bill goes back and gets our dry chairs from the bin, so we have something to sit on in there, besides the toilets. The other couple puts their dog crate next to ours under the sink counter.







While we wait, we loan them our iPhone to make a call to let family know what is going on. They don’t have a signal on their phones. We also watch the radar map on Bill’s iPad. The mood is cheerful and we all feel safe in the bathroom. After about an hour, the guys step out and talk to the ranger driving by. He says the tornado watch is over. It missed us and we can come out.

Bill and I pick a new site, near the restroom, back in and hook up. We will spend the next two night here, close to the shelter in case we need it. Our new friends park and hook up too.








We have running water in a creek next to us that we can hear, when its not raining so hard. I finally get caught up with the blog this evening! It’s 9:00 pm and I’m just waiting till it stops raining a bit between now and 11 pm so I can take the dogs out one more time tonight to potty. I’m ready for bed after our exciting day!

Exploring The Natchez Trace Parkway

April 25, 2014 – Friday

We wake up to sunny skies. It rained hard last night.

We didn’t realize just how close the Trace was to the visitor center, just a few minutes up the road. Before getting on it, we gas up and I see hot peanuts for sale at the gas station, so I get a small bag for Bill and a coffee for me while he fills up the gas tank. We aren’t sure how many gas stations will be along the Trace so we keep it topped off when possible.

The Natchez Trace Parkway for those that don’t know is 444 miles going through three states and 10,000 years of history. It is a designated National Scenic Byway and an All-American Road. It starts south in Natchez, LA at mile post 1, but we didn’t get on it till Clinton, MS at milepost 90.

Our first stop is mile post 100 at the Mississippi Craft Center, a state of the art facility in the trees along the Trace. The center displays the artwork of more than 150 artisans. There are crafts like baskets, pottery, quilts, wood carvings, jewelry, paintings, folk art and sculptures. The center was designed for the display, sale, demonstration, and teaching of fine crafts.

They allow us to bring the dog stroller in and comment that they are better behaved than most kids. We look around and take photos.
















Mississippi Craft Center

Next we pass the Ross R Barnett Reservoir which runs along the Trace for about eight miles.


Next stop is the Cypress Swamp at mile marker 122. We leave the dogs in the RV and walk down the stairs to the bridge over the swamp.













Bill goes back to the RV and I walk the short 20 minute loop trail around the swamp.

Back on the Trace, we head for the Kosciusko Visitor Center, mile post 160. Did you know that Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko? She lived here till she was three years old. The visitor center didn’t have anything but one painting of her. They said we would have to exit the Trace and drive a few miles away to see the church she attended and a street sign named after her. We decided to skip it and took a few pictures in the very small visitor center.





It’s hard to believe Oprah came from here. The visitor center was disappointing, only having a map of the Trace and dead stuffed animals.

We stopped at Jeff Busby park, mile post 193, for lunch in the RV surrounded by trees. It was too early to stop for the night, so we continued up the Trace. We checked out Davis Lake, mile post 243, but they were full. I called Trace State Park at mile post 260 and they were full too. By this time I’m getting tired and I go to my trusty Overnight RV Parking website and look for a place to stay. Good old Walmart is just off the Trace in Tupelo mile post 260, so we head there. We went in to get permission, more food and Bill got a haircut. Walmart to the rescue again!


Overnight RV Parking

Free Private “Campsite” in Mississippi

April 24, 2014 – Thursday

We left New Orleans French Quarter RV Resort at 9:15 am, going west on I-10 then north on the 55. Our first tourist stop today is the Country Market in Ponchatoula, LA. It’s a historical train depot with a few restored cars, an alligator in a wire mesh pen, and the depot sells crafts made by local people.




The Ponchatoula Country Market

We continued north on 55 and entered Mississippi. Then west on 20 to the Clinton Visitor Center where we will get on the Natchez Trace Parkway. I like visitor centers, and this is one of the nicest I’ve seen. It even has a dog walk area and is situated in a beautiful landscaped park like area. We walk the dogs then go inside the center.






The two volunteer ladies are very nice and give us maps and brochures on the Natchez Trace Parkway. I ask if we can spend the night in their parking lot and they say yes. They even call the local police to let them know we have permission. We walk around taking photos of the place and they come out to pet the dogs. They are proud of the center and rightly so. It costs $2 million to construct it. It resembles an 1800’s farmhouse. It has three porches, all with rocking chairs. There is a “Fallen Comrade” statue in the garden. The center opened in 2005.








The volunteers leave at 5:00 pm and we are alone in our own beautiful free campsite for the night.

New Orleans 2nd Day – Part 3

Now we reach the Riverwalk area along the Mississippi River. Then we turn onto Canal St. Last time I was in New Orleans, I took my smaller RV onto the ferry crossing in Algiers, then drove to off and down Canal St to the I-10. Bill was impressed. 🙂  they don’t allow vehicles on this ferry anymore, just pedestrians.


Another person taking the dogs picture

Another person taking the dogs picture


Continued on next post.


Heading to Ajo and Why, AZ

April 2, 2014 – Wednesday

Left my cousin Larry’s place in Yuma at 9:45 am, got gas and was on to I-8 towards Dateland. I always stop here for a date shake, dates and look around the gift shop when I travel this freeway. We walked the dogs then put them back in the RV while we went inside. The dogs aren’t use to being left alone in the RV but didn’t seem to mind, as they didn’t bark when we left or came back after 10-15 minutes.

Dateland for shake and dates

We left Dateland at 12:00, and got to the 85 turnoff in Gila Bend for Ajo and Why at 1:50. I wanted to take this roundabout route to Tucson because so many RV bloggers talk about boondocking in this area. We had planned to stop in Ajo, but we didn’t see anything we wanted to stop for there, so we continued towards Why. Our 1st stop was a BLM area off Darby Wells Rd. I’ve heard about this road so many times on blogs. Bill wasn’t happy about it being a dirt road and not seeing but a few other Rvers. I told him most go farther up the road to camp, so we went a little farther and still only saw a few RVs. It was pretty but too secluded for him. Posted signs warned about smuggling so close to the Mexico border, but I’ve never heard of any bloggers having a problem, but Bill didn’t want to stay. We walked the dogs and took some pictures there before continuing to the next BLM I’ve read about. It’s funny how everyone has their own camping preferences. Many Rvers love being in a secluded area. we prefer to see other RVs around and not off by myself.





Warning of smuggling

We got to Gunsight Wash BLM and since we could see about seven other RVers not too far up the dirt road, we felt safe enough to stay. We drove around and picked a spot, but then the wind picked up and was hitting the RV broadside, so we moved it and pointed the RV into the wind, which stopped the rocking. Walked the dogs then spent most of our time in the RV due to the wind. As usual he plays games while I pour over maps and try to blog. It’s pretty here. Everyone is spaced far apart but still visible and it’s so quiet. Great free place to spend the day and night.

DSCN8063-001DSCN8068-001DSCN8067-001Our RV to right of cactus