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Military Museum Tour and Cracker Barrel Camping Again

May, 10, 2014 – Saturday

We left Cracker Barrel at 10 am, first stop was gas. Seems like we get gas a lot, but we like to keep the tank topped up when we can. I’ve been keeping track of all the gas fill ups, and plugged those numbers into a gas mileage app on my phone, that calculates miles per gallon for you. We are getting an average of 10 to 11mpg. The best was 13.12 mpg and the worst was 8.85 mpg.

Next we went to Best Buy to buy a new car phone charger. The one we had stopped charging.

At 10:45 driving on I-70 we passed the “Welcome to Illinois” sign.

At 11:30 we saw a billboard advertising a historical town just off the freeway. Sounded like a good potty break stop and a chance to walk around. The town is called Greenup on The Historical National Road, also called US 40. Parked on the street next to a grassy park, which the dogs loved. While there, a lady walking to her car stopped to talk to us after seeing the RV. She was very proud of her little town and started telling us about it. She said there was a really nice military museum we should see. We said ok, so she went back to her car to get the key. Apparently, she is in charge or a volunteer of the place to have the key. We got the dog stroller out then walked down the street passing little shops she would point out.















It was a nice old building with a lot of displays. I took a photo of Bill next to the uniform he wore in the Marines. I saw a Navy uniform that reminded me of my dad in his uniform photos. We stayed about fifteen minutes, signed the guest book and put some money in the donation box. We thanked Margaret for the private tour, then walked down the other side of the street.







We went in a couple of the antique/gift shops, then headed back to the RV and back on the freeway.

We are getting really close to St. Louis, Missouri. I don’t want to get there till tomorrow, so we stopped at 3:30 in Troy, Illinois at another Cracker Barrel. St. Louis is where we will pick up Route 66 towards home. I haven’t been able to pick up any information about St. Louis or even Route 66 on the trip yet. I needed an evening to go online and see what to do tomorrow. Chances are, the big city will freak Bill out and he will want to get out of there fast, so I’m probably planning for nothing. 🙂

Bill still isn’t feeling good. He is slowly getting better, but isn’t there yet. I’m hoping the extra day will make him feel better before we start Route 66.

This Cracker Barrel has RV parking in the back, so cars aren’t coming back here to park in the RV spots. We did have a truck pulling a horse trailer park next to us, while the two cowgirls went in to Cracker Barrel for dinner. One kept kicking his stall while they were gone. I think he wanted out.




I walked Chica around the restaurant a few times, trying to wear her out. She has a lot of energy, and misses being able to run free, without a harness and leash, like she does at home.