Alone at Tishomingo State Park For a Short Time and Poison Ivy?

April 29, 2014 – Tuesday

This morning it’s a bit foggy but soon burns off to a warm day. Monarch butterflies flutter around and birds are chirping loudly. Bella wants to stay in bed but Chica is ready to take a walk. We walked to the other side of the lake, where we camped before the tornado watch. She is full of curiosity, stopping to smell everything. The water/stream noise baffles her and she seems curious but fearful of it.


When we get back to our site, Tilli, our only other neighbor lady is walking her Maltese Tibet. Chica and Tibet have fun play fighting.




Our new friends, Tilli and Glen are leaving today. We exchange emails and hope to see each other again one day. We will be the only campers here now!



The one bad/inconvenient thing about this park is the lack of trash dumpsters. There are none in the campground area, it’s on the way out. We need to empty our trash, but don’t feel like carrying it that far, so we use the dog stroller to carry it. Chica won’t have trouble walking, but Bella’s hips or knees are bothering her I think. I get the dog back pack carrier out that has only been tried on and never actually used. It’s hard to put a dog in it and then get it on my back by myself, so Bill puts Bella in it after I have it on. Now that I see the pictures he took, the straps look too loose and she appears to be leaning out too much. Bill kept saying she looked fine and never tried to get out. That dog loves to be pampered.





The back pack felt a little heavy, so Bella rode in the dog stroller on the way back to the RV.

I take advantage of being so close to the restrooms and take a long hot shower over there, instead of unloading our water bottles and dirty clothes from our shower. It’s handy to store stuff in there, but a pain to unload it each time. Bill said its suppose to rain again today, but we are both wearing shorts and its hot. I decide to take a look at the trailhead that ends near the back of our RV. The path is narrow, and I know the rule about “leaves of three, let it be”. I snap a picture of a plant with three leaves and send a picture of it to my son. He thinks it might be poison ivy from pictures he has seen on the Internet. Without knowing for sure and finding a tick on Chica, I’ve lost my desire to walk the trail.



So much for the sunshine and having the park to ourselves. It started to rain about 4:00 pm. Soon after, a truck and trailer drove past us and took the next available site. We wonder why out of an empty park, he wants to be so close. Then about 5:00 pm a truck and big fifth wheel drives by and actually backs into the site between us and the bathroom! We watch a man do a lot of work required to unhook and level a fifth wheel. Soon we see others by the fifth wheel and they are wearing bike shorts and shirts. The rain stops long enough for them to change clothes, put a tablecloth on a picnic bench and eight people sit outside eating dinner.




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