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Last Day on the Road – Part 2

May 19, 2014  –  Monday (continued)

The cold date shake felt good on my increasingly sore throat. We snap a few more pictures before the long uphill Hwy 74 that takes us up over the mountain.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThe above picture shows two of the many switch back roads we came up. In the distance, top right of photo, shows where I started the climb. I put the RV in 3rd gear and it climbed the road really good.

It was nice to see the first sign that says how far Aguanga is! Getting really close now.


Aguanga has an elementary school, this tiny general store, a tiny post office just to the right of it and a real estate office to the left. Our mail is delivered to the post office, since they won’t deliver to our house, one mile up a dirt road. We do all our shopping in Temecula, a nice good size town, 18 miles away. Minutes from the post office and our home, is Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. We have a membership to this SKP park, and is where our RV lives. We have never taken either of our RVs home, due to our steep, rocky dirt road.


Once we got back to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, where all my trips start from, I called my son and asked him to come and get us. We left our cars at our home, so he could drive them and keep the batteries up.  While waiting for Rick to pick us up, we gathered just the necessities to take home, like our iPads, chargers, medication, etc.  I usually go back the next day to bring home clothes, dirty laundry, dog related stuff, etc

imageI asked the dogs if they wanted to go home while waiting for Rick. They look pretty happy! Bella only makes this face when she is really happy. Chica loved everything about the trip so she would be just as happy to keep going. She is a great traveler. Unfortunately, Bella hates being in a moving vehicle. She never stops panting until the motor is turned off, then she is really happy! I’ve tried various calming products on Bella, but none of them worked. The only option is to leave her with someone when I travel, but I can’t bear that option. Who would take care of her as good as her momma?

Rick pulled up in my car shortly. It was good to see him and know we were close to being home! Both dogs seem to realize we were close to home when they felt the rough dirt road going up the hill to our house. Daisy, our pitbull/shepherd mix greeted us happily when we good home. I tried to take photos, but they were all so blurry! Once we got into the house, Bella ran and got on my bed, her favorite place in the world.


Chica and Daisy played like this for a long time. Daisy has always played so gently with my small dogs. These two have a very close relationship. Chica was a young puppy and Daisy mothered her from day one. Bella was full grown when we got Daisy as a puppy, and Bella doesn’t really like to play as much as Chica and Daisy.

Thanks for following our 49 day RV trip!




Patty, Bill, and the stroller dogs, Bella and Chica



New Orleans Visit 2nd Day

I had reserved our site for only one night originally. I used Passport America to get it at half price, which was $49.44. They only offered the discount for one night, so I planned on going to another resort in New Orleans that also had a half price deal. Bill really liked this resort, and suggested we just stay here instead of moving, so we paid almost full price, but with a 10% Good Sam discount which still came to $88.99. The most I’ve ever spent for a resort.

Today I wanted to check out more places we hadn’t gone to yet. Got the dogs in the stroller and put their beads on them again. Left the resort at 9 am looking for adventure.

Dogs wearing Mardi Gras beads

Dogs wearing Mardi Gras beads


As we are walking to Bourbon Street a man wearing a Vietnam Nam Veteran  hat strikes up a conversation with Bill. Turns out they are also staying at the RV resort and our from northern CA.

Bill and another Veteran

Bill and another Veteran


Alligator heads

Alligator heads


Continued on next post

Vermilionville, Acadian Village, Avery Island and Jungle Gardens on Easter

April 20, 2014 – Easter Sunday

We wake up Easter morning after a good night sleep at Walmart. After morning routines, the dogs are put in their wire crate that they ride in when we travel. Luckily for us, they like their crate and don’t bark or try to get out when the RV is moving. They know when I turn the engine off, that it means they get to get out and explore something or potty. They get very anxious to get out every hour or so like I do.

First touristy stop today is Vermilionville in Lafayette. It’s a Living History Museum and Folklore Park of the Acadian, Native American and Creole cultures. The place includes historical homes, gardens, artifacts, costumed crafts people, boat tours, restaurant, gift shop and live music on the weekends. We get there and load the stroller dogs up, hoping we can take them with us. They aren’t open for another twenty minutes, so we stroll around the grounds in the “free area”. It’s pretty and next to a river with lots of green grass and trees. We take photos and wait for the gift shop/entrance to open.




When the gift shop opens we ask if the dogs can go in with the stroller. They say no, so we don’t get to pay admission and see behind the fence. Its starting to get warm and it looked like it would take a long time to see everything, so we didn’t want to leave the dogs in the RV. Oh well, we had a nice time walking around and I have other things to visit on my list today. Took a few more pictures on our way back to the RV.


Next stop is the LARC’s Acadian Village, also in Lafayette.

The parking lot is empty when we pull in but I see a few people inside the gate, so I walk up and ask if they are open. They hesitate and say just for an hour or so, because they had a tour bus full of German tourist coming and we could come in for awhile. I asked if the dogs could join us in the dog stroller and they said ok if they didn’t get out. Back to the RV just as the tour bus pulls in and lots of people get off the bus.




By the time we get back and pay our entrance fee, the tour has started. We catch up to them and listen to the guide explain things in German then translate to English. The tourist noticed the stroller dogs and started coming over and making a fuss over them. We didn’t understand a word they said. Then they started taking pictures of them.


The tour was in German and English, so it was taking a long time, so we went around them and walked the place on our own










Next touristy destination was Avery Island, the Tabasco Factory and Jungle Gardens. The Tabasco tour and factory were closed due to it being Easter, but the Jungle Gardens were open. We went in the gift shop and paid the admission for the three mile driving tour thru the Jungle.

















The 200 acre Jungle Gardens are home to more than 20,000 egrets and other birds that nest on the platforms in a lake called Bird City.

After we left the Island, we headed back on I-90 east to Raceland where we stayed at a Walmart. Put the dogs in their customized dog carriers and did a bit of shopping. Dogs posed in front of the Easter candy, but I didn’t buy any for them or myself. 🙂





Spent the rest of the night working on photos and writing in my trip journal.