Spent The Night on Route 66 in Gallup, NM

May 16, 2014  – Friday

It was fairly quiet in the casino parking lot last night. I went to the casino in the evening while Bill and the dogs slept. It’s a colorful casino, all decorated in Route 66 decor. Got some free coffee and blew $4 in a couple of slot machines. Cheap entertainment for me.

This morning I walked over to the gas station/store/fast food side of the parking lot for coffee and my favorite, biscuits and gravy.

We left the casino at 9 am, heading west on I-40 towards Gallup, New Mexico. Within about 20 minutes of driving, the scenery and landscape started to change and get real pretty.



On the other side of the freeway, I saw a group of motorcycle cops followed by a lot of bike riders. I guess some of the riders I saw yesterday tag along for part of the ride, then I back to where they started from.


Bill has had a stiff neck for the last few days and wanted to stop early today, so I got off in Gallup on Route 66 and started looking for a campground. I snapped a few pictures of the downtown area.  Saw the El Rancho Hotel Motel Restaurant that said Home of the Movie Stars.


Finally saw an RV Park sign, just before getting back on the freeway. It’s called USA RV Park. I checked us in to a full hookup site next to the restroom and laundry. Soon as we were parked, I took the dogs for a walk over to the dog park. I took their leashes off and Bella just stayed in the shade while Chica walked around a little bit. They find dog parks boring without other dogs.


After walking the dogs around and taking pictures of the campground and store I did laundry while Bill and the dogs slept. After laundry started editing pictures, looking at maps for our destination tomorrow and updated the blog.  A woman’s work is never done.  🙂


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