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New Orleans at the French Quarter RV Resort – Part 1

April 22, 2014  –  Tuesday

Didn’t get much sleep last night. Spent the evening fighting with my blog, trying to get all the photos loaded. Lost a long post some how and had to re-type it. I’m still not sure the last two post were complete with all text and photos. I think I included too many large pictures, so will do smaller ones today.

We left Bayou Segnette State Park at 10:00 am and made the short drive to a nearby visitor center for maps of New Orleans. I talked Bill into going to the Mardi Gras World place in New Orleans, so we set the GPS to it and left the visitor center at 10:30. Our check in time at the French Quarter RV Resort is at 12:00, so we have some time to kill.

Arriving at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans

Arriving at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans

We pull up to the place and see a sign saying Parking $10. Ouch, it was already kinda pricy to go in. We ask if the dogs can go in if they are in the stroller and he says he doesn’t know. It’s a big gravel parking lot, and he says oversize vehicles like ours cost $20 to park, so we decide to turn around and leave.

We go over the Mississippi River Bridge and Bill snaps some pictures of the skyline with the Super Dome in it.


New Orleans skyline and Super Dome from the bridge

New Orleans skyline and Super Dome 

We cross the Mississippi River Bridge and got on the I-10 west instead of east, so we got off the freeway and the GPS routed us on surface streets since we were so close. There was a lot of traffic and big rigs were even having problems making some of the tight turns, having to back up. Needless to say, it was “exciting” and Bill was nervous. I got us thru it and we checked into French Quarter RV Resort 45 minutes early. We used our Passport America half price membership to get one night for $49.44.

French Quarter RV Resort map

French Quarter RV Resort map

In front of the French Quarter RV Resort

In front of the French Quarter RV Resort

The resort is high class and pretty, behind a walled and locking gate for security. We park in site 41 which is in the center row, third from the office complex. We are surrounded by big expensive class A motorhomes. We walk the dogs and check out the facilities.


On the left are large restrooms and laundry room , center door leads to the office, doors on right lead to the exercise room. The upstairs is a private suite that can be rented.


Patio by pool, TV room, office waiting area, and our RV with the I-10 freeway in the background.

We have a 2:00 tour already reserved, so we walk the dogs good and hope they sleep while we are gone for three hours. The van will pick us up here at the resort, after picking up more people at nearby hotels. We wait in the office waiting area and meet another couple from our resort also going on the tour. They are from Ventura, CA. The van pulls up and it’s smaller than we expected. It only seats 10 plus the driver. The only empty seats left are WAY in the back and difficult to get to. Me and the other couple squeeze into them while Bill sits up front with the driver in the best seat of the van. Lucky him. Here is a photo of our van taken at our first stop.

imageSince I have so many photos, I will create a Part 2 of this post with the photos from the tour.