Pulled Over By an Oklahoma State Trooper

May 13, 2014 – Tuesday

We left the campground at 10:15 am. There was a totem pole park pretty close to us off Route 66, (which we still haven’t been on) it’s advertised as having the largest totem pole in the US I think, plus more small ones, a fiddle house and more. I set the GPS to the city we were in and the street as Rt 66. It took us down a paved, but narrow residential street. Pretty land and nice homes all along it. Then the road made a sharp turn and told me to make a right, onto a narrow red dirt road. Ok, this definitely doesn’t look right, and I’m not going on that road, so I have to turn around, which takes two or three backing up and going forwards to do. I’m not too happy and neither is Bill. I decide to skip the totem pole park and just get on the freeway. This requires going thru the same Oklahoma turnpike we got off on last night. We have to pay again.

Bill isn’t feeling good still, he says. He is also car sick now, even though we are traveling straight on the freeway. I’m beginning to wonder if these are excuses for not wanting to stop at any Rt 66 tourist traps. He is grouchy and so am I. I don’t plan on taking this route again, so this is my one time to see things we are passing by. I suggest he see a doctor again, but he says he will wait till he gets home to see his own doctor. We drive in silence most of the way, both upset with each other. I find tears in my eyes more than a few times today. I think we are both tired and I know we both have have totally different traveling styles. He wants to see nothing and I want to see it all. 🙂

OK…I’ll be the first to admit I cry pretty easy. A sad song or movie, scared at the dentist, or an argument with Bill can bring on the tears. Stop laughing. I know I’m a little too sensitive. I tell you this because my tears may have gotten me out of a ticket. :-))

OK, so I’m driving past Tulsa and all my planned stops and heading towards Oklahoma City, where Bill want to stop for the night. We only stop for potty breaks and gas. These turnpikes are strange to us, get off and pay, get on and pay, sometimes you get a refund…we never did figure it all out, and wasn’t there long enough to even try.

One turnpike lady told us to stay on the I-44, then change to the I-40 in Oklahoma City, and not take any of the other interchanges that also connect around the city, to avoid another toll booth. So when we get close to changing freeways, our GPS again, wants to take us a different way and is recalculating. Even though I’m doing 99% of the driving, Bill helps direct me when the roads or GPS gets confusing.

So, we start making lane changes, positioning ourselves in the I-40 lane to change freeways. Just about then, I see flashing lights behind me. I move to my right to let the vehicle pass, but it moves behind me again. There is an off ramp just ahead, so I take it, and the lights follow me off. I pull over at the first safe place to do so. An Oklahoma State Trooper walks up and tells me he pulled me over for an incorrect lane change or something like that. Says I was in a lane that didn’t allow getting out of at the point I got out of it. WHAT? Bill didn’t understand what we did either and he was telling me what lanes to be in.

He asked to see my license and as I’m taking it out of my wallet, the tears begin to fall, again. This is not my day! Bill mentions he is a retired deputy. The trooper asked if he was carrying a gun, then asked to see Bills retired deputy ID, which he shows the trooper. The trooper then asks Bill a few things about being on the LA County Sheriff Department, then asks for the insurance card on the RV. He takes my license and insurance back to his car. We wait an agonizing five minutes for him to return.

He asked me to step out of the RV. I undo my seat belt and get out. He has me walk towards the back of the RV and said he had to ask me some questions, away from Bill. He thought because I was so upset and crying, that maybe there was another reason. He asked if I was abused or in fear or something. He said he didn’t feel he was doing his job if he thought I was in fear or hurt and he didn’t ask. I assured him it was nothing like that. I then unloaded on him all the reasons I was upset, that I mention in the blog already. He even offered info on where Bill could see a doctor in town. I thanked him for his concern, and said we were both just tired and he was home sick and we would be ok once we got off the freeway for the night.

He said he would let me go without a ticket and told me how to get back on the freeway. I shook his hand and thanked him again. So, did I get out of the ticket from me crying or Bills retired cop status???

Once we got onto I-40, we got off after a few exits later to the safety of another Cracker Barrel for the night. I had myself a wine cooler and Bill went to bed.

I should have asked the state trooper for a photo of us together for the blog! Notice I didn’t take any pictures today of our drive.


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