Goodbye Oklahoma, Hello Texas

May 14, 2014 – Wednesday

We had a quiet evening at good old Cracker Barrel last night. We were on the road this morning at 8:30. Destination, Amarillo, TX. We are both in a much better mood today. Bill says he is feeling better.



We see billboards for Cherokee Trading Post in Clinton ahead. They advertise live buffalo too. Bill asked if I wanted to stop, so we did.





So many fancy boots, hats, and western stuff. Then we went outside to look at the buffalo.






Bella and Chica didn’t react at all to seeing the big animals. As we walked back to the RV, I noticed a dead bird on my front bumper. Bill thought he saw a bird fly into the RV earlier that day. Poor little thing.

We continued only stopping to eat lunch and get gas. Along the way I snap pictures of the Welcome to Texas sign, the leaning tower in Groom, TX, a huge cross, and the famous Big Texan Steak House. If you can eat their 72 oz steak, you get it for free.

During our lunch break, I found a half price campground in my Passport America membership book. Full hookups, and they had a laundry room, which I could use about mow, all for $12.50. Nobody answered the phone when I tried to call a couple times to see if they have space for us. Since it was just off the freeway in Amarillo, we just decided to drive there and hopefully get a spot. When we saw it, we drove in one driveway and out the other. It was a dumpy looking campground. Down the road we got gas and saw another campground. It looked a little better, but too many old, permanent trailers living there, so we passed on it too. I got my overnight RV parking website up and found a Walmart nearby.

Good old Walmart and Cracker Barrel have saved us a lot of camping fees. I went in and got a haircut and bought a few groceries. One stop shopping, haircut and camping. We got her around 3:00 I think, and there was already about six RVs here. Tonight there are probably at least fifteen of us parked for the night. Big expensive motor homes as well as a few old ones. It’s like a real campground here. The dogs found a few other dogs to socialize with too. One lady I talked to with the long haired Chihuahua even had relatives in Norwalk and grew up near there.

I have a few more pictures to go with the text above, but for some reason, WordPress isn’t letting me add more right now. I’ll try publishing this post, then go back and try to add the other pictures.













One thought on “Goodbye Oklahoma, Hello Texas

  1. Janet Brookbank

    Glad yesterday was a better day with no being pulled over incidents and it’s good to hear Bill is feeling a bit better. I have so enjoyed your blog and the pictures of the sights you are seeing. Continued safe journey. Janet



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