St. Louis, MO and Disappointment – Part 1 Mothers Day

May 11, 2014 – Sunday

Happy Mother’s Day!

We left Cracker Barrel at 8:45 am, destination St. Louis, MO, a little over an hour away. It rained off and all all the way there.

There were a few things I wanted to see in St Louis, but the Arch was the main thing. I put an address into the GPS for a place along the river that was suppose to have RV parking. Today the GPS had a mind of its own. As you get close to any major city freeways and interchanges there are roads going everywhere and not much time to get in the correct lanes. My GPS usually does an excellent job, but today, not so. She told me to go one way and the overhead freeway signs seem to say another way. She “Recalculated” over and over, while we were left to our selves to figure the interchanges out. Not sure if the overcast sky or tall buildings threw her off, but she was crazy that day.


I’m not even sure what bridge we crossed but it was pretty and we could see the Arch in the distance to our left. I just got off on a random street and tried to get close to the Arch while the GPS was still recalculating. Bill hates big cities, but I kept pointing out to him how empty it was on Mothers Day morning and in rainy weather. We had no traffic, so I continued to search for the Arch. There are lots of one way streets in downtown, some with construction, some with vehicles blocking lanes. When we got to the river, there was construction and road closures. The following pictures were all taken from the RV. We never got out.















I finally gave up and we tried to find our freeway on ramp again. After more than a few cuss words at each other and the GPS, we finally found our way back on the correct freeway and direction.
To cheer myself up, I pulled into to a White Castle, only my 2nd time trying one. Since it was still morning, I got a waffle, egg and sausage sandwich and a plain hamburger to split between the dogs.


Next touristy thing I wanted to see was the Sculpture Gardens, which I read, allowed dogs. When we got there, we encountered a Mother’s Day Art Fair going on at the park, with a big sign that said No Dogs Allowed for this event. Rats, I didn’t want to walk around without the dogs at a park, so we left. Strike two for the day.
Back on the freeway, eventually getting off at the Visitor Center at the entrance to Route 66 State Park. Finally, I could pick up brochures for touristy things to do on Route 66. I walked away with lots of information.




I thought the dog sign was cute, and reminded me of my dog Bella who loves to lick people.

I will continue this days post in Part Two, since there are so many photos. Stay tuned for Meramec Caverns!


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