The Dogs Get a Manicure, Rain and We Are Now In Indiana

May 9, 2014 – Friday

I thought Bill might need another day of rest when he woke up this morning. He still isn’t back to “normal”, but he said he felt better and wanted to get on the road. I dumped the tanks yesterday, so all he needed to do was unhook the electric and water. I got the inside ready to travel while he left in the rental car to gas it up and drop it off at Enterprise. I left the campground at 9:15 and he was standing outside waiting for me when I got there. We got on the I-70 heading WEST.

Gassed up the RV and entered Indiana at 11:30. We are mainly traveling on I-70, and occasionally on 40 which ran parallel to the freeway.

We haven’t had the tires on the RV checked since we bought it in January this year. They are new enough, I just worried if they had enough air in them. The tires don’t have extension valves on them like my last RV, so checking the air pressure is difficult. When I saw a Discount Tires store, we pulled in. Most tire places I’ve found, which check the tire pressure for free. They had to take the hubcaps off the front tires to get to the valve stem, and they were both at 65 psi which was good. They don’t have the right “tools” to check the dully tires on the back, so will have to go to an RV place for those. Guess we also need to have extenders installed, so we can check the air pressure ourselves. Most tire blow outs are due too low tire pressure! Thanks Discount Tires for helping us.

I saw a Petsmart, so we stopped to get Chica and Bella’s nailed trimmed. I just needed their rabies certificate and there was only a five minute wait before it was our turn.






Of course I have to look around the store at the cute clothes and buy a small bag of Bil-Jac puppy food for Chica along with some wet to mix with it for a special treat for being such good girls getting their nails done.

Next we saw a Walmart and thought we might stop early for the night. I went in and bought groceries, but when I asked if we could spend the night, the manager said the city didn’t allow it. I hadn’t bothered to check the Overnightrvparking web site first, or I would have known that. It was 4:10 when we left there. I was tired from the long drive today, in the rain off and on, along with it being windy. I checked the website, before we left and our plan is to make it to a Cracker Barrel farther down the road.

Windy and rainy drive.

We arrived at Cracker Barrel in Terre Haute, Indiana at 5:45 pm. I parked in one of the seven RV/Bus parking spots, then went inside to get permission to spend the night. The manager said yes, like I knew she would, but its still nice to ask. I got a cup of coffee to go then back to the RV to turn on the propane and start the refrigerator. For safety reasons, I prefer to drive with it off. The refrigerator will easily stay cold for 4-5 hrs, but long days like this, Bill’s sugar free Popsicles were a little mushy. 🙂



I have a bone to pick with cars that park in the long RV/Bus spots! Notice even with a sign, cars always park in these long spots, instead of the normal size parking spots. While parked here for the night, I saw it happen over and over. An RV like mine or a truck with a trailer have no other places to park, except these 7 spots. I saw one RV drive thru when the long spots were all taken by short cars, and they had no place to park. I’m not sure if they left or parked someplace else. OK, I’m done ranting now. Just glad we were able to get a long spot.

Bill still doesn’t feel his old self and is sleeping. The dogs are sleeping too. This is a nice Cracker Barrel, with grass for the dogs just outside our door, and trees to give it a park like feel. We are close to the freeway, so it isn’t very quiet, but it doesn’t keep anyone here from sleeping I see. I had a salad I bought from Walmart for dinner. I’m saving calories because I plan to eat breakfast, my favorite meal, at Cracker Barrel in the morning. 🙂


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