Bill is Sick in Bed

May 8, 2014 – Thursday

This morning did not start well. Bill was up and down from early morning making “trips to the restroom” In the RV. As I type this post, at 5 pm, he is still in bed. Getting up only when “necessary”.

We went to dinner and did a little gambling at Hollywood Casino last night with friends Gene and Gayla. Every thing was fine last night. Bill ate more than he usually does and more variety too. Since his gastric by pass surgery his eating habits have changed dramatically. We think he over did it last night. I feel fine, the food was great. He swears he won’t eat out any more.

So the rental car is just sitting here. We were suppose to go to a nice park for a get together today at noon. That didn’t happen unfortunately. 😦

He said he will feel good enough to leave tomorrow as planned. I hope he is better. I’ve never seen him have this much stomach problems from eating. He has slept pretty much the whole day

Meanwhile, the dogs and I had a quiet, relaxing day. I’m looking at maps and planning our Branson, MO visit. The dogs go out every few hours for a walk with me. Chica just loves to go out and explore. Bella loves laying in grass. We sat on the office steps where they have a cement goose that puzzled Chica.



2 thoughts on “Bill is Sick in Bed

  1. sandi adams

    Everyone missed both of you yesterday at the Gantz park. It was a beautiful day to be in a park and we enjoyed seeing old friends and making new friends, but were all saddened that you couldn’t be there. Sure hope Bill is feeling better and is up to traveling today. Your blog is really great, Patti…. I can see that there is a lot of planning involved when traveling in an RV.



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