Bill Gets a Tour of His Old Neighborhood and We Go Dancing

May 3, 2014 – Saturday

This morning, Sharon and Denise picked us up at our RV in the school parking lot.

They are going to drive us around to see the neighborhood where Bill grew up and went to school. Some people refer to this neighborhood as “the Bottoms”. We aren’t sure how long we will be gone, so we bring the dogs. They drive us past different houses where relatives use to live, Bills Middle School, his High School, neighborhood stores and thru the residential streets of the neighborhood his house was in. They were all a little sad how the neighborhood has deteriorated.


The brown house on the left, is the house Bill grew up in, from birth till after High School, when he joined the Marines. These are called “shot gun” houses because they are very narrow. If you open the front and back doors, you could shoot straight thru the houses.


The first school is Bill’s middle school and the bottom one is his high school.
The rest of the houses are just random houses in the same neighborhood.





After the tour around the old neighborhood we took the dogs back to their house, let them potty, gave them water and places to sleep in her laundry room, while we all went to lunch. After lunch we go thrift store shopping at two different places. They like bargain shopping too. :-). We got a small vacuum for the RV and a couple of new carpet mats for inside the RV when it rains.

Later that evening, Denise wants to take Bill and I to a bar in town that has music and dancing. Sharon offers to keep the dogs while we are out. We have dinner first at a Mexican restaurant. I have my first margarita. Then we head to the bar. It’s early still and the music hasn’t started. I have my second and third margarita for the night and Bill has coffee. It’s strange for Bill and I to go to a bar, something we haven’t ever done together. We sit at the counter surrounding the bar tenders and watch them prepare and serve drinks. Large tv’s above the bars all have sports on them, something we don’t watch. We notice it’s a much younger crowd, and we feel a little out of place. Finally, the DJ starts playing music. It’s not the normal type of music we dance to, but we got up and danced to about three different songs. We were the only ones on the dance floor.

Later a big group of “young adults” come in still dressed in their wedding party dresses and tuxes. They were celebrating someone getting married. Even the bride and groom walked in a little later still in their wedding clothes. They immediately took to the dance floor, filling it up with fun and laughter and a lot of drinking. Even Denise and I got up to dance with the big group for a couple of very long songs. 🙂

By 11:15, Bill and I, being old fuddy-duddies decide we were ready to go home. Josh, Mary Ann’s son, comes in about then and says he will take Denise home later, and we drive her car back to get our puppies at their house. When we got to the house, Sharon had just gotten up to take all four dogs out to potty. She said they had all been sleeping in her bed and got along fine. Pups were happy to see us, and we loaded them up in the car and drove to the school “campground”.



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