BBQ at Sharon and Denise’s House and Moving To a Alton RV Park

May 4, 2014 – Sunday

This morning we notice we are running out of water in our water tank. Not sure if I have enough for a shower, I heat our drinking water on the stove and wash my hair in the sink. I use “body wipes” to “take a bath”. It’s time we check into an RV park for water and electric hookups!

Bill drives Denise’s car back to the house and I drive the RV and park it on the street in front of their house for the day. They are planning a BBQ today. We watch TV and visit. Denise goes grocery shopping for the BBQ, Josh and Jerome aren’t here, but cute little Maci is, along with Mary Ann. I still haven’t gotten any group photos yet. Seem we are never all together. I planned on taking pictures after the BBQ, but it just never happened. 😦 Hopefully I can get some photos before we leave.

The BBQ was delicious with chicken, burgers, pasta salad, broccoli salad, and baked beans.

Later in the day, Bill and I drive the RV to the closest RV park to Columbus. It’s about 20-25 minutes away. We are staying at Alton RV Park in Alton/Galloway. It’s a unique campground, originally being an 1850’s house on farm land, that started renting space to RVer’s in 1964. The big two story house serves as the park office and home/campground owners. They have tornado warnings we were told every Wednesday at noon and told where the basement was just in case a real tornado comes thru.
Alto RV Park
We paid for five nights, leaving on Friday.





The arial photo of the park was taken from the campground’s website.


2 thoughts on “BBQ at Sharon and Denise’s House and Moving To a Alton RV Park

  1. Gene Whitten

    You caught up on your blog and now I have, too. I hope Alton RV Park suits your needs. It’s close to a very busy road–not like camping in the woods. And those spaces look pretty tight, unless you lucked out and got a spot back by the trees. I’m surprised a big city like Columbus doesn’t have more RV parks closer to town. I searched before you got here and came up with 4 or 5 around the area, but I recommended Alton because it was close. The next closest was a pleasant sounding small village park in Plain City, northwest of Dublin, with big trees and a quiet area. And one perk was it’s close to Der Dutchman restaurant, a great place to eat! I hope you are enjoying your stay and seeing some of the sights. Hope to meet you both Thursday at Gantz Park.


  2. rvingwithstrollerdogs

    Hi Gene,
    The Alton RV Park suits are needs just fine. We don’t mind the street noise and are site is towards the back. It has full hook ups and free wifi so I’m a happy camper! Hope to meet you at the park too. We got a rental car today and are going to that restaurant you mentioned with Sharon and Denise tonight.



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