Tornado Watch and Taking Cover In The Park Restroom With New Friends

April 28, 2014 – Monday

It rained off and on all day, with more thunder and lightning. Every so often it lets up and we take the dogs out to potty. The rest of the day is spent inside.

A ranger drives up and tells us the tornado watch is getting very close to us, and will be here in about an hour. He tries to assure us that the chances of it hitting us are slim. He also says we might want to take cover in the cement walled restroom on the other side of the lake. The one on our side is closed due to structure damage. After he leaves, we started getting an “emergency bag” together with stuff like our wallets, passports, cell phones, iPads, chargers, medication, dog crates, flashlights, etc. then we decide to unhook the electrical and water, just in case we need to move in a hurry. Then we decide we are too vulnerable all the way on this side of the lake, and decide to drive over to the cement walled restrooms, just in case. We park alongside of the road and see the only other couple in the park besides us, is already over there. In the rain, we take the dogs in their crates, and our emergency bag to the women’s restroom. Bill goes back and gets our dry chairs from the bin, so we have something to sit on in there, besides the toilets. The other couple puts their dog crate next to ours under the sink counter.







While we wait, we loan them our iPhone to make a call to let family know what is going on. They don’t have a signal on their phones. We also watch the radar map on Bill’s iPad. The mood is cheerful and we all feel safe in the bathroom. After about an hour, the guys step out and talk to the ranger driving by. He says the tornado watch is over. It missed us and we can come out.

Bill and I pick a new site, near the restroom, back in and hook up. We will spend the next two night here, close to the shelter in case we need it. Our new friends park and hook up too.








We have running water in a creek next to us that we can hear, when its not raining so hard. I finally get caught up with the blog this evening! It’s 9:00 pm and I’m just waiting till it stops raining a bit between now and 11 pm so I can take the dogs out one more time tonight to potty. I’m ready for bed after our exciting day!


2 thoughts on “Tornado Watch and Taking Cover In The Park Restroom With New Friends

  1. Gene Whitten

    Just wanted to let you know Vicky and I are enjoying your blog. More severe weather is forecast today for Mississippi and the South, so be alert and stay safe. It has been raining since yesterday here, but the sun just came out. That probably won’t last long. Enjoy your travels!



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