Tishomingo State Park Swinging Bridge and Big Storm

April 27, 2014 – Sunday

It felt good to wake up and not have to get on the road today. This morning, the couple next to us in a tent is packing up to leave. They said a big storm is heading this way. She also mentions that she felt something crawling on her back yesterday and it was a tick. Yuck, just what I was worried about with the dogs. Since I was still in bed just relaxing, Bill took Chica out for her morning potty. After she came in I saw a tick on her big old ear. It hadn’t latched on yet, so I got it off pretty easy, and put it in an empty water bottle with a lid. Then I got the Frontline Flea and Tick prevention out that I bought for the trip and put it on the dogs. Now I check them and our selves when we come back in the RV.

We checked our iPhones and iPads for local weather and saw on the radar that the storm was coming fast and was surrounding us. It was as far as Nashville, TN so we decided to extend our stay here and wait the storm out. To move the RV, requires packing everything up so things don’t slide around while driving. We drive down to the entrance/ranger station and pay for two more nights. The ranger says there will be a tornado warning in the area tomorrow. She agrees we should stay put, and it’s so beautiful here, I’m happy about the extra days.

Before we head back to our site and hook up again, I suggest we drive over to the day use area and take some pictures. Bill is worried it’s going to rain any minute and wants to hook up, but I’m driving so I talk him into it. It’s about two miles from the campground to the day use area, on the other side of the Trace. We park in the swimming pool parking lot, leave the dogs, and hurry over to the Swinging Bridge, which I’m most interested in. Just as we get to the bridge, another couple is getting off, so we ask them to take our photo and then they hand us their phone to take a picture of them. That worked out nicely, since the park is very deserted now.

Bill playing guitar this morning.









At the other end of the bridge are sets of stairs going down to the various walking trailheads. Now that I know there are ticks here, I don’t want to walk the trails.

We hurry back to the RV snapping pictures of the playground, and pool area, then hurry back towards our campsite. Of course it starts to rain on us before we can get back. I hear “I told you so…” From Bill. Along the way I snap a picture of the road and an old log cabin in the park.







The rain turns to thunder and lightning. Bella who gets stressed just being in a moving vehicle, is really stressed over the sound of lightning, thunder and loud rain on the RV roof. She tries to hide in the RV on the floorboard of the cab area. She is panting and wild eyed. I can’t comfort here, so I just cover her up with one of her blankets hoping she will feel more secure. Later she peeked out and I took this photo. I tried to get rid of the “red eye”, so her eyes look extra weird.




I know she is stressed when she won’t eat her treats! Chica on the other hand isn’t bothered by the noise and plays or sleeps thru it all. The pretty dogwood tree behind us has white flowers. The wind blew so many flowers off it looked like snow.


The rain stops and we take advantage of it by walking the dogs to potty and get some fresh air. It’s Sunday and only a few campers are in the park still. Most people returned to work and school. We do meet another couple on our walk who have a nine month old Maltese puppy. Chica and the puppy have fun chasing each other around, while we get tangled in their retractable leashes. Bella sniffed noses with the pup but she doesn’t actively play like Chica.



This nice couple drive a Chinook class B motor home and have a three wheel motorcycle in a trailer that they pull. They were parked on our side of the lake but moved over here by the cement bathrooms for protection in case of a tornado. Her husband was a Marine Corp Reserve about the same time Bill was in the Marines, so they struck up a conversation while the wife and I talked about our fur babies.

The weather turns cold and feels like rain again, so we start walking back to our RV, but it rains before we get back. It was kinda fun walking in the rain! Bella, who usually walks slow, was walking fast. She wanted to get back to the RV, while Chica was in heaven sniffing every thing around her and just having fun. When it stopped again, and we took another walk, all the dry streams were running with water and sounded pretty.



While editing photos for the blog, my good friend Judy calls to ask where we are. She was watching TV and saw that a huge storm and tornado watch was where she thought we might be. I told her we were fine and staying till the storm was over. So far the tornado warning is for Nashville we think, which is still about 140 miles north of us.


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