Tishomingo State Park on the Natchez Trace Parkway

April 26, 2014 – Saturday (Continued)

After the visitor center we head north, not knowing where we would spend the night. When we got to mile post 304, we came to the Tishomingo State Park. I figured they would be full like the other places I checked, but we lucked out and they had openings! They gave us a map of sites available and let us drive thru and pick one we liked. I think the park was about 3/4 full and we marked on the map sites we thought were big enough for our RV. Then we came to the best spot in the park and it was available. We drove back up to the ranger station and paid for two nights it was so pretty here. With Bills senior status we paid just $13 a night, for electric and water hookups. I’m so happy to get to stay here two nights. That will give me time to update the blog and research Nashville for when we get there.

We set up our chairs and put the dog crate out on the picnic table and enjoy the view!













This is a large park and the day use area is way on the other side of the park. From there, you can take various hikes, go swimming in the pool, rent cabins, and see the Swinging Bridge. Since its too far to walk, we plan on driving over there the day we leave, so we don’t have to unhook the RV again.

We spend the rest of the day taking walks around this side of the campground, Bill plays guitar and I relax and read.


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