Hard Rain, Lightning & Thunder

April 14, 2014. – Monday

While Bill waits for his son to pick him up, he plays games on his iPad. I pour over New Orleans maps and brochures trying to figure out what we will when we get there. Bill doesn’t like to stop and visit “attractions” like I do. I like tourist attractions. I’ll have to talk him into anything I want us to do. The dogs are another reason I won’t get to do many touristy things.

Before we left home, I took the dogs to the vet for their bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines just in case we want to board them at a doggie day care. I called two dog day cares in New Orleans. One says they all play in one room together. I don’t think my little dogs would like that. It takes them some time before they like “strange dogs”. The other place could put them in their own kennel, but they both require an “interview” to see how the dogs get along with other dogs, before they can stay. Between the one time registration fees, interview fees, boarding fee and stress of boarding them, we probably won’t.

I called a few bus tours in New Orleans, but they don’t allow dogs on the tours. I did fine a trolley tour that allows dogs, so that is the one we will probably take, if they aren’t already booked. I don’t want to make a reservation till I know for sure what day we will be there.

More heavy rain, lightning and thunder. I don’t think I’ve ever been seen or heard this much before. Good day for being off the road and warm and tucked into our cozy RV. The rain on the roof sounds good. The wind has picked up and the RV is rocking. The sites are situated so that the wind is hitting us broadside. The dogs are scared.

The dogs and I had the RV to ourselves again this evening. Mike picked up his dad again so Bill could spend more time with his grandkids and son at their apartment. Mike also took Bill to Walmart to pick up a few supplies for us.



I spent my evening reading my WordPress for Dummies book with Chicago sleeping on my shoulder.

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April 14, 2014 – Tuesday

We woke up to clear skies, but it’s still cold and windy outside. In researching the route from here to New Orleans, I noticed a few dance/restaurant clubs famous for Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing. I went on YouTube and watched a few beginner dance instructions on how to Zydeco dance. I think I learned enough to get up and have some fun if we go. Hopefully Bill will watch the video too before we go.

We haven’t sat outside too much yet on this trip. Since we are here for a week, I sat up the people chairs, outdoor dog lounge, and collapsable dog tent.







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