Bill Meets His Fourteenth Biological Grandchild Born Today

April 17th, 2014 – Thursday

Bill’s son Mike, called this morning to let us know Sabrina was in the hospital to deliver their baby. Baby Alexander was born around 11:00 am, weighing 8 lb and 1 oz. Mike picked Bill up from the RV park and took him and his other kids to the hospital to meet Alexander.

Sabrina holding her new baby.

Mike holding his new son.


Welcome to the world Alexander!

Bill holding his fourteenth biological grandchild looks pretty proud.

Moriah looking at her new brother while he eats.

Mike brought fried chicken for Sabrina and the kids to the hospital.

Proud daddy with his new son. Congratulations!

When we planned this trip, we didn’t realize we would be here to share in the birth of Bill’s son’s new baby. What a nice surprise for us to be here during this time. A tow car would have been nice here, then I could have gone to visit with them more, and be back to the RV to walk the dogs before Bill was ready to go back. Traveling with dogs have its cons sometimes, but they bring us joy too, so we just have to work around the cons.


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