Last Four Days and Haircuts at a Truck Stop

April 7, 2014. – Monday

Left Balmorhea State Park at 9:20 am. Took the 17 up to the I-20 where it connects in Pecos, TX. Saw our first TX oil pumps on 17, lots of them. Gased up in Pecos ($3.29 a gallon) and set our destination for Midland. Doing some research, I read about a Petroleum Museum in Midland that sounded interesting and had good reviews, so that address was in the GPS.

As we got close to our destination, GPS said we were there and it was on the right. Neither of us saw it left or right so we kept going as we saw a Walmart ahead and needed some things. We had a little scare driving on the road running along side the freeway ( a frontage rd) to get to the Walmart. The freeway off ramp dumps directly onto this road without stopping. In CA, you almost always have to yield to traffic on the road you are entering. Anyway, as I got close, I noticed the car exiting the freeway wasn’t even slowing down. I had a split second to decide what to do, so I sped up and swerved to get more distance between us. I didn’t know if I could brake the RV fast enough. Just then we both noticed a Yield sign for people on the road, not exiting the freeway. Lesson learned! In TX it works different than in CA. Also, the off ramps we have taken are angled so its very hard to see what is coming from the right when making a left in an RV.

After parking at Walmart for potty breaks, we decided not to go back and find the museum. We didn’t even go in Walmart. Bill wanted to continue to Abilene so I used the overnightrvparking website to find a place to spend the night. I choose a Flyiing J Truck Stop, which we got to at 3:50 after more driving in the wind and rain. The RV overnight spots are close to the pumps and front of the truck stop store. Chica loved looking out the window at all the activity all night.


Here we are parked for the night. Bill and I went inside to see what the truck stop had. Besides the usual food, drinks, trucker supplies, showers and laundry mat, they had a barber shop. Bill needed a haircut and so did I. My daughter teases me about getting haircuts at Walmart, wait till she finds out I got one at a truck stop.



This is the view from inside our RV.



Outside of the RV view

April 8, 2014. – Tuesday

Before leaving the truck stop at 9:15, I went in and got coffee and a cup of biscuit and gravy. Then we were on our way.


Next stop was a Country Store and Curio Shop in the same parking lot we stopped for a break. They let us bring the dogs in too.




Another windy day for driving, but I drove us right thru Fort Worth and Dallas around noon. There wasn’t much traffic.



Bill’s cousin Pat lives in Rowlett, just outside of Dallas. It was nice to meet Pat, her daughter Kelly, her son-in-law Jimmy and their kids Katie, Jacob and Patrick.


Bill and his cousin Pat


Bill and Pat looking thru her old family photos. Bill was happy to make copies of relatives pictures.


They have four dogs, a huge one, medium and two small ones. My dogs didn’t like any of them and growled at them. We ended up holding our dogs then finally putting them in the RV. We had a nice home cooked chicken dinner with Pat and her family. Afterwards we all went out for frozen yogurt. Bill and I love that stuff and hadn’t seen any yogurt stores since we left CA.

April 9, 2014. – Wednesday

This morning when we took our dogs in their house they got along fine with the two little dogs and the cat! There was no growling today. They played so well that Jimmy offered to dog sit them while Pat, Kelly, Bill and I went thrift store shopping, something we all like to do. I found a dog nail clippers for 25 cents but nothing else. Then we had a pizza lunch finished with another yogurt store.





Jimmy holding Chica and their cat


Pat and her dog

20140410-160348.jpg Kelly and Chica

April 10, 2014. – Thursday

Last night they told me to come over for breakfast of biscuits, gravy, sausage and eggs. Yummy, all my favorites. Bill filled the RV water tank with their front yard faucet so I could shower and wash my hair before breakfast. Again, the food was great.

Our RV came with flat screen TV and DVD player that we couldn’t figure out how to work. He figured it out pretty fast and I wrote down the instructions so hopefully I can duplicate the steps to do it all. Thank you Jimmy!!!

Pat and family planned a BBQ this evening with another cousin driving here from nearby to see Bill. I’m sure glad Bill is getting to spend time with his extended family. It was nice for me too, as I have met very few of his relatives.

We had a huge BBQ of crab legs, ribs, chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, cucumber salad, deviled eggs, and a large variety of deserts! After dinner we took the following group shots.








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