Goodby Arizona Hello New Mexico

April 4, 2014 – Friday

We left the SKP park at 8:30 am and headed for the local Walmart in Benson, AZ. Stocked up on groceries then got on the I-10 heading towards TX.

Stopped at the New Mexico Visitor Center to let the dogs do their thing and pick up a few brochures. Right next to the dog walk area was a rattlesnake warning.

Wind on this stretch of freeway is strong. I was tired of driving and suggested we stop for the night in Deming. There was a rv resort I wanted to visit that many solo RVers belong to. I’m not solo now but still wanted to see it. Got checked in at 2:20pm at the Low-Hi RV Ranch which is also a half price campground with our Passport America membership.

Walked the dogs to the dog park here but they don’t really seem to care about playing in there so we continued our park tour. Met a lot of solos at the happy hour. The name LOW stands for loners on wheels.

They have free wifi here, but it’s painfully slow. I couldn’t get my blog to load fast enough on the iPad so I’m typing this on my iPhone, where the photos are. Not fun.

Getting late, after midnight, better put this post to bed.







One thought on “Goodby Arizona Hello New Mexico

  1. Janet Brookbank

    Hi you two! Greetings from Hilliard, Ohio. I was finally able to sit down for a bit to ready and enjoy your blog and get caught up with your travels. So far the weather has seemed perfect and I love the feel of the areas where you stop. How exciting to be able to take your time and do what you want to do. I’ve enjoyed the pictures so much. The dogs in the stroller are so cute. I have two long-haired Chihuahuas that are very old but I can’t imagine either one of them staying in a stroller. Nice you could take them along with you. Thanks for letting me share in your journey. Will stop in again and read more later. Have fun!



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