Visiting Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

April 3, 2014 – Thursday

Left Gunsight Wash in Why, AZ at 8:10 am. We are on our way to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 30 minutes away. We walked around the short visitor center nature trail with the dogs and took photos alongside the very tall organ pipe cactus.

After the dogs had their break, we put them back in the RV and Bill and I checked out the visitor center. We watched a 15 min video about the park, looked thru the museum displays and gift shop. Bill found a green baseball cap with a rattlesnake on it which he liked and bought. We couldn’t do the driving loop because our RV was too big.











Next stop was a trading post on route 86 for a stretch and snack. We noticed a coyote looking dog sitting on the porch. Went in and got a coffee and a hotdog. On our way out, I asked someone if the dog was really a friendly hand raised coyote, but they didn’t know who it belonged to. By this time, Bill was already back in the RV with both our dogs. As I walked towards the RV I noticed the “coyote” was following me. He probably got a scent of the hot dog. As Bill opened the RV door for me I got in quickly and he scared it off. But then the dog sat outside the RV for a few minutes before going back to the porch. Poor thing was hungry.

We stopped again just before getting on the I-19/I-10 to let the dogs potty, then it was on the freeway to Saguaro Co-Op SKP in Benson for another night of boondocking. We didn’t need hook ups so we saved some money. After we got parked, we took the dogs to their dog park, then put them in the RV while we went to the Happy Hour at the clubhouse. We met a lot of people from that park and had a nice time talking. I was forced to drink wine by someone who didn’t want to bring the bottle back to her rig, so when we left the “party” an hour later, I had a nice buzz.

Back in the rig, I looked at maps, wrote in my trip journal and uploaded the photos for the blog while Bill used the parks shower the took a nap with the dogs.






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