Heading to Ajo and Why, AZ

April 2, 2014 – Wednesday

Left my cousin Larry’s place in Yuma at 9:45 am, got gas and was on to I-8 towards Dateland. I always stop here for a date shake, dates and look around the gift shop when I travel this freeway. We walked the dogs then put them back in the RV while we went inside. The dogs aren’t use to being left alone in the RV but didn’t seem to mind, as they didn’t bark when we left or came back after 10-15 minutes.

Dateland for shake and dates

We left Dateland at 12:00, and got to the 85 turnoff in Gila Bend for Ajo and Why at 1:50. I wanted to take this roundabout route to Tucson because so many RV bloggers talk about boondocking in this area. We had planned to stop in Ajo, but we didn’t see anything we wanted to stop for there, so we continued towards Why. Our 1st stop was a BLM area off Darby Wells Rd. I’ve heard about this road so many times on blogs. Bill wasn’t happy about it being a dirt road and not seeing but a few other Rvers. I told him most go farther up the road to camp, so we went a little farther and still only saw a few RVs. It was pretty but too secluded for him. Posted signs warned about smuggling so close to the Mexico border, but I’ve never heard of any bloggers having a problem, but Bill didn’t want to stay. We walked the dogs and took some pictures there before continuing to the next BLM I’ve read about. It’s funny how everyone has their own camping preferences. Many Rvers love being in a secluded area. we prefer to see other RVs around and not off by myself.





Warning of smuggling

We got to Gunsight Wash BLM and since we could see about seven other RVers not too far up the dirt road, we felt safe enough to stay. We drove around and picked a spot, but then the wind picked up and was hitting the RV broadside, so we moved it and pointed the RV into the wind, which stopped the rocking. Walked the dogs then spent most of our time in the RV due to the wind. As usual he plays games while I pour over maps and try to blog. It’s pretty here. Everyone is spaced far apart but still visible and it’s so quiet. Great free place to spend the day and night.

DSCN8063-001DSCN8068-001DSCN8067-001Our RV to right of cactus


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