2nd Day at My Cousins

Had breakfast then took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. Its interesting looking at all the different things people have done to their lots here. They all start off with bare dirt, water, electric, sewer and separated by a 3 ft brick wall around the lot. Then who ever buys a lot decides what to do with it if anything. Some leave them dirt and just hook up their RV. Others have built garages, patios and houses. Larry has gravel, palm trees, brick patio and a garage on his lot. He has a couple extra spots for visiting RVs to hook up like we did.

My cousins lot, RV golf cart and jeep


After lunch, we took another walk going in a different direction with the dogs in their dog stroller. They looked so happy riding and looking around. When we got back from our walk, my cousin Larry had one of his golf carts out of the storage trailer and ready for us to take it for a spin around the neighborhood.

Walking the stroller dogs around the neighborhood

Walking the stroller dogs around the neighborhood

We had a good time driving it around farther than what we walked earlier, checking out all the lots. On our way back, it ran out of power about 1/2 mile from their lot. Poor Bill had to push it home with me steering and giving it what little power it had left with the gas pedal floored. We both thought it was funny, but I laughed the most, trying to get a selfie picture of him pushing it from the drivers seat. I told him it would make a good blogging story. ha ha

Riding My cousins golf cart around

Riding My cousins golf cart around

Bill pushing the golf cart

Bill pushing the golf cart

Spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with Larry and Sue on their patio talking and watching the TV that slides out of a big bin on the outside of their RV. I’m so glad we got to start our trip visiting my cousin and his wife. They will head back to their home in WA later this month when the weather gets better up there. We are leaving in the morning, so I’m up late still working on trying to figure out how to make a blog so I can post our trip journal. Bill uses his “free time” to play crossword puzzles or play on his iPad, while I look at maps and read my WordPress For Dummies book and blog.



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