Bill’s First Time RVing!

Jan 6, 2014
Lake Skinner in Winchester, CA

Bills very first trip in the RV, besides from when we bought it and drove it home. This park is located just outside of Temecula in Winchester, CA. It’s about a 45 min drive from our home. I thought this would be a good trial run for him. We stayed close to home in case he didn’t like it. We took turns riding my bike, as he didn’t have one, walked the dogs on leashes and pushed them in their stroller all over the large campground.

Bill playing guitar at Lake Skinner

Bill playing guitar at Lake Skinner

Dog stroller

Patty and her stroller dogs

Dog stroller

Bill with dogs in the stroller

Luckily for me, Bill liked it but suggested we buy a bigger, newer RV so we would be more comfortable. I agreed and we started RV shopping. This was his one and only trip in my little 19 ft, 1996 Coachmen Catalina Sport Class C , because we bought a “new to us” 28 ft 2006 Fourwinds Chateau Sport Class C for my birthday that same month. I sure loved my little RV that took me so many places in the last 6 years solo. Looks like I finally have a partner/husband to travel with now!
My 1st RV – I will miss her! We sold her to our friends. It will be their 1st RV too. I hope it brings them as much fun as it did me.

Coachmen catalina sport

My 1st RV, a 1996 Coachmen Catalina Sport, 19 1/2 ft

Feb 22, 2014

Lake Hemet in Mountain Center, CA

This was our first trip in the”new” RV. Farther than the last place but still less than two hours from our home in Aguanga. The drive was pretty, and so was the lake. This trip we both had brand new bikes and a new dog bike basket to try out. Bella loves riding in the bike basket, but I wasn’t sure how Chica would do. Chica is young and full of energy and has never rode on a bike before. We put her in my bike basket since I could zip her in it so she wouldn’t jump out. Bella rode in a new bike basket we bought for Bills bike. It was just a wire basket, so I put her blanket in there to soften it, and she did great. Chica wasn’t happy about being zipped in her basket, so I unzipped it towards the end of the ride and she didn’t try to jump out so that was good.

Our new to us RV at Lake Hemet

Our new to us RV at Lake Hemet

Chica and Bella at Hemet Lake on a walk

Chica and Bella at Hemet Lake on a walk

Dog bike basket

Patty riding Chica in a dog bike basket

Dog in bike basket

Bill riding bike with Bella in the basket

Patty with stroller dogs at Hemet Lake

Patty with stroller dogs at Hemet Lake

Bill really enjoyed RVing again, so I think we are ready for a nice long RV trip soon! We are planning on driving across country in April to see the USA and visit some of his relatives.


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